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Perfecto. The Standard for Coil Handling and Press Feeding Systems.

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Perfecto is known globally for it's complete coil handling, straightening and feeding systems.

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Perfecto equipment is incorporated into the world's most productive container lines.

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Our sister company Littell supplies over 90% of the worldwide demand for scroll lines for the container industry.

Lines for the Container Industry

Few industries demand the equipment precision and reliability require by manufacturers of food and beverage containers. As the material gets thinner, coils get wider, and the presses get faster, the need for precision coil handling and press feeding equipment that can keep pace gets greater.

Coil Feeding Systems

Perfecto manufactures a full line of coil feeding systems to meet your demanding specifications. From coil cars and upenders to electronic roll feeds and zig zag press feeds… Perfecto can help make your system more efficient and reliable.

Scroll Sheeting Systems

With over 300 scroll lines installed worldwide, our sister company Littell sets the standard for the container industry in speed, accuracy, quality, and reliability. Supplying over 90% of the worldwide demand for this specialized equipment, our commitment to continual product development insures process superiority and investment advantages for our customers.


Founded in 1948, Perfecto Industries, Inc. is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of material handling, feeding and straightening equipment. Our goal is to take you into, through, and out of the press with minimal set-up and downtime by integrating individual machines into your existing line or creating complete systems.


Perfecto has earned an excellent reputation in the industry for original engineering contributions to the stamping industry as well as the quality and durability of its equipment. Modern facilities of over 100,000 square feet in Ohio and Michigan house Perfecto's extensive manufacturing, engineering and administrative operations. Most important of all are the Perfecto people: talented and highly experienced individuals dedicated to the promise that the best solution to your press room needs will be built right here.


Start with innovative and creative engineering, then add manufacturing techniques that produce the most solid and dependable equipment on the market. Throw in the industry's best track record in integrated systems. And, finally, cover it all with the best guarantee in the business-- a two-year warranty.